Our Story

Hi there! My name is Sophie and I am the founder of Flare 👋🏻

Flare was born out of my own personal skin struggles after suddenly developing severe eczema and contact dermatitis in my mid-twenties. It began as a personal tool to desperately take control of my skin and stop it from ruling my daily life, however I quickly recognised how it could help equip others dealing with similar struggles with the resources and guidance they need to take control of their skin and find better solutions to manage their condition.

It is estimated as of 2022 there are about 223 million people living with atopic dermatitis, of which 43 million are aged 1-4 years. While there is professional help and support for skin conditions, in many cases this help is not accessible for people around the world. Even in countries where help is available, wait-lists can be long and prompt treatment and care is essential, especially for children in the early development stages of life. Skin conditions can also vary widely case by case, meaning blanket treatments or solutions may not be effective for everyone, where in some cases there are other factors at play.

My goal at Flare is to make it easier for others to manage their skin, track their progress, and gain access to resources and guidance in order to determine internal and external factors that may effect their skin, so that we can treat them effectively in every community. While Flare is not a replacement for real professional medical advice, it can help you manage and explore possible causes while you are waiting for professional help.

- Sophie C, Founder of Flare